Qeros makes a generational leap in DLT with quantum cryptography

Qeros makes a generational leap in DLT with quantum cryptography and ransomware-resilience.

AUSTIN, TX, April 11, 2023 — Qeros has integrated a CISA and NIST-approved quantum-resistant encryption algorithm into its patented ransomware-resilient DLT — increasing data security and protecting against mounting advances in cyber-attacks.

Quantum-resistant encryption algorithms enable Qeros to provide the highest level of encryption for data stored on its network while its patented security and performance architecture provides unprecedented ransomware mitigation capabilities. With Qeros, organizations can better protect sensitive data, disrupt a threat actors’ attack and evade capabilities, and prohibit the alteration and deletion of system logs or evidence of compromise. Immutable data provenance and lineage fortifies the integrity of critical backups and traceability of sensitive data.

Threat actors can harvest encrypted data today, hold it, then decrypt it when they have a quantum computer, making any data vulnerable today. Corporate officers have a fiduciary duty to preemptively counter risks arising from the malicious use of quantum computing capabilities. Threat actors know that decryption of an RSA-2048 encryption key takes a classical computer 300 trillion years and a quantum computer with 4,099 qubits just ten seconds. Qeros strengthens resilience strategies for organizations operating in an ever-evolving threat and regulatory landscape.

“It’s all about the data. With evolving threats and Byzantine regs on the horizon, Qeros’ disruptive technology addresses many security and privacy challenges by providing unprecedented data protection and immutable data lineage with the performance capabilities necessary in today’s environment.”, commented Rich Davis, CISO of Qeros.

Qeros’ security features combined with its ability to process millions of transactions per second distinguishes its DLT from competitors. Qeros continues to focus on breakthrough speed, scalability, and security — surpassing competitors’ performance limitations and enabling a new era in DLT adoption.

About Qeros

Qeros was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and executives with extensive experience in AI, DLT, cybersecurity, data privacy, cloud transformation, regulations, FinTech and HealthTech. Qeros subsidiaries include KlearNet and DeepHive.

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