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Today, many enterprise technologies fall short on data security, scalability and throughput. Qeros™ is a patented next-generation distributed architecture being designed to enable maximum data security with scalability and throughput limited only by hardware and bandwidth constraints, empowering highly secure real-time decision making and hyper-fast transaction processing — at scale.  Qeros is a horizontally scalable architecture that significantly improves upon many of the cybersecurity, centralized, cloud and distributed technologies available today.

Secure data and transaction processing at the velocity of thought.


Qeros™ is a use-case agnostic architecture being designed for enterprises requiring the highest level of data security and fidelity, instantaneous data read/write functionality or rapid transaction processing at scale. Qeros™ provides the benefits of novel DLT and distributed cloud technologies without the limitations of traditional technology stacks. On Qeros™, enterprises will be able to seamlessly connect existing applications via our API or build an entirely new class of distributed applications via a SDK.

Patented Core Blockchain



Qeros™ is a joint development venture between DeepHive and KlearNet.

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Qeros | Empowering Tomorrow

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