[1] Transactions per second (TPS) is the actual, not theoretical, average TPS on our network. Upper bound scalability and throughput limited to hardware, bandwidth and network speed. TPS does not include time to finality as smart contracts, including any business logic thereof, may vary in complexity. Figure subject to change.

[2] Append operations per second (AoPs) is an estimated figure based on actual TPS processing @ 5:1 AoPs per TPS. Figure subject change.

[3] Qeros is being designed to attenuate and eliminate ransomware by utilizing its patented architecture. Such architecture instantly contains the initial attack, thereby eliminating the ability of the ransomware to proliferate within the targeted environment. During such ransomware attack, data loss and downtime are eliminated.

[4] Actual, not theoretical, average Kb of data storage capacity per second on our network. Figure subject to change.

[5] Fractalization is not sharding and should not be correlated or construed as such.

[6] Qeros’ network architecture is being designed as Zero Trust while consensus and governance are being designed as trustless.

[7] All pricing is per hour. Fees are charged based on the highest usage tier in any given hour. Figures are estimated and do not include fees for integration, data ingestion, data normalization, multi-cloud setup, quantum key distribution (QKD), quantum random number generator hardware (QRNG), smart contract or business logic development. Please contact us for pricing in excess of any tier-level.

[8] Data Redundancy Required refers to the number of duplicate copies of data and transactions that are distributed across our network. Our architecture requires a minimum redundancy factor.

[9] Transactions include queries, append operations or any other actions on our network.

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